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  Millennium bid farewell to poor rich road - Six visit to Liangshan Marsh Village witnessed the change Title: farewell Millennium poor to rich road - Six visit to experience the Liangshan Marsh Village becomes Xinhua News Agency reporters Chen Desi and Chuan Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture Meigu Marsh Village, located in the high mountainous area, traffic inconvenience, poor in natural resources, poverty rate of nearly 40%, the depth of poverty is the most typical village Daliangshan.Five years, six reporters visited Marsh Village, Yi witnessed the change out of poverty in this small village.Scenes when you first come here five years ago, still lingering in my mind Reporter: Let the rugged remote mountain village is almost difficult to communicate with the outside world; the villagers are living in basic and cattle mixed population of yellow mud room inside, dirty, chaotic, poor, dilapidated; three meals a day plus potatoes, sauerkraut, whole village in broad daylight nearly a hundred children have nothing to do in the village, her body is difficult to find a clean place.Fortunately, the battle had already begun poverty.A little change occurred in the Marsh Village: when reporters come the second time, the children walked into the campus; the third time, the 12 km road from the township government through hardened to the village; the fourth time when poor households who are admitted to the new bright new houses; the fifth time to time, the villagers gradually develop good health habits and.In early summer, the sky was clear, the breeze was blowing, reporters came to the village sixth.Had left Dao Cunkou reporters he saw an old friend of Dolj into the book, he is the sun carefully edited bamboo basket.Five years ago has shown signs of Dolj book into stunning picture: his five children, only two in school, at home dark, pitch dark, the air was filled with the smell of dung, a man sitting on the ground, Lunch It is a basket of potatoes.Since then, every reporter Marsh Village will definitely look at him.Five years, every little change in Marsh Village in Dolj who are mapped into the book.Today, Dolj book into five children to school are already on the village school, the family moved into the new home of Yi new village, with separate livestock pens, day by day well up.Dolj book into snapping fingers, with the gradual skilled Chinese home contemplating property.Under the governments support, his livestock breeding industry has small scale: three cows, two horses, 10 goats, five pigs, plus high-yielding potato planting on the land, per capita income has more than 5000 yuan.Well, life is also quite different Manner.In the past used to be poor and lazy accustomed Dolj book now every day into his own spick and span, and always wondering to make life a higher level."We should use this this basket, not busy now when I compile his backpack, a week can be a compiled, it can sell twenty or thirty dollars."23-year-old Abdul word machine is its own greenhouses hoe weeds.Poverty battle started, the young man returned home to work in Chengdu industrial development, with the work she saved and borrowed from relatives of more than ten million Chinese herbal medicine planting - re-building.Abdul word machine that the company working in agriculture he learned these techniques, the results of three years of re-building can, if successful, several hundred pounds per acre of land yields income to have two to three million.Today, after dinner is the time to chat Marsh village, we were sitting together, how to get rich faster and better is the hottest topic."We are rid of poverty, not only to consolidate, but also to get rich!"The first secretary of the Hot Caugé often said.These days, temperatures are Caugé and several villagers group leaders together to discuss the decision to establish cooperatives, collective economic development in the village."We can land shares, can also be used as cattle, sheep stake, we mainly develop sheep breeding, shearing, selling lambs can have two incomes, have brought the collective bonus."According to statistics, now 47 villages Marsh all poor households out of poverty, the village also taken off the hat of poverty-stricken village, also in various competitions appearance, behavior, and industrial development are among the best in the county of village.Once thought to be typical poor village, it is now a role model to become rich.Pro, the reporter went to the village kindergarten, 70 more than 3-5 years old children are sitting in uniformity with two young teachers are teaching them to recite ancient poetry.Out of the nursery behind him came "goose goose, crooked to Tiange" recitation sound.Reporters look back, a look at the familiar Marsh village, a little bit of change in the past five years, like a slideshow fast flashing in my mind.Village, or the original village.Life, not the original life.

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