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  Zhongshan Memorial Library intends to put into use by the end of Zhongshan City, held to create a national public cultural service system demonstration area and National Global tourism demonstration area will promote the work Yat Sen Memorial Library intends to put into use by the end of Zhongshan public cultural service supply increased dramatically, Pictured Zhongshan Municipal Museum Business.Text / Guangzhou Daily reporter Zhang Xiangyu view of all media / Guangzhou Daily reporter Yu Tao all media yesterday morning, Zhongshan City to create national public cultural service system demonstration area-cum-national demonstration area to promote global tourism will be held in the City Tourism Bureau of Culture, Radio.According to the city "double hit" Work Leading Group Office, director of the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio Tourism Kin Wah Loh introduced in the creation of a national public cultural service system demonstration area to work on a stage, public cultural facilities construction made new progress: the completion of Zhongshan Memorial Library the construction of the main project, underway interior decoration and equipment installation, to be put into use at the end; City Museum officially started.Zhongshan and constantly improve the grass-roots public cultural facilities, the citys 275 administrative villages to achieve comprehensive cultural service centers full coverage, has completed the construction of 23 blocks and put into use self-service library.Currently the city every million people have indoor public cultural facilities in an area of 1,500 square meters.New year is expected to 12 self-service library According to reports, Zhongshan supply of public cultural services increased significantly.Complete the construction of the library branch library service system, built to City Library Main Library, 24 townships Library Branch Library, 275 villages and 23 neighborhood self-help library library for the primary service point of library services system and realized the municipalities three books interlibrary loan service.To carry out the construction of cultural centers and branch library service system, six townships in Siu Lam started the pilot cultural centers, branch libraries.The next stage will be to carry out self-declaration township library, evaluation, construction work, and strive to 12 years, new self-service library.Continue to promote the construction of cultural centers and branch library system, the construction of five new towns distinguish hall, three more than the development of a shared cultural centers.At the same time actively build public cultural service boutique items, "scholarly Zhongshan" "public arena", "Park Music Festival", "Cantonese Opera Culture Week", "green summer vacation, colorful culture" and "Siu Lam chrysanthemum", "West Side Drunken Dragon quality culture Festival "," town lighting festival ", port Water Festival a large number of municipal cultural activities greatly enhance the brand, popular with the public.2020 year, relying on all levels of public cultural facilities to organize various public arts and cultural activities 5227 screenings, participation of the masses of 349 million people, the coverage of public cultural activities continue to expand.In addition various tasks in an orderly manner.Municipal Finance Bureau continued to increase the citys public cultural service construction investment in 2020 created special funds to implement the citys budget and subsidies for a total of 24.96 million yuan, created to provide financial security for the demonstration area.City Natural Resources to improve public cultural service facilities in residential areas supporting the construction of public announcement system, Municipal Propaganda Department of the lead organizations "Elegant Zhongshan" National Reading a series of activities to carry out activities of persons with disabilities in Zhongshan City Arts Festival City CDPF Union City Media Tour bureau and so on, forming a good force created.Provincial leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration sites have 16 Zhongshan in the creation of a country on the global tourism stage demonstration areas, the township create work achieved remarkable success.Tai Chung, the town built a mahogany cultural characteristics of the town and two national characteristic feature of the town Lighting town and rely on local resources hosted the 2020 annual industry Zhongshan tourism product design competition venue.Relying Xiaolan chrysanthemum, Tu Wei flowers and other characteristics of agricultural products has developed a Tu Wei Cultural Park, Ju City winery and other cultural tourist attractions, will be launched Xiaolan chrysanthemum festivals and other special.At the same time the implementation of rural revitalization strategy, and vigorously promote the ancient village, modern agriculture and other rural resource development, development of a number of leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration sites.As of early this year, the city has provincial leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration sites 16, Model Town 3, a tourist town features, characteristics of the village 2.Actively develop new form of tourism, bed and breakfasts, started the preparation of the "Zhongshan City Bed and Breakfast development plan," Poon Hong wild-selected top ten most beautiful bed and breakfast Province Bed and Breakfast.Complete "Qi Australia trail development planning and design boutique line," compiled, and vigorously promote the development of tourism resources along the trail and construction of facilities, Zhongshan Qi Australia trail the essence of successful segment open to the public.In addition, public infrastructure continue to improve tourism.The successful completion of the national and provincial tourism toilets revolutionary three-year action plan, total new construction, renovation tourist toilet 238, 4A level scenic spots all over the construction of a third bathroom.Scenic external network traffic optimization, key scenic spots or tourist bus passenger train has achieved full coverage.It has a total of 741 recreational greenway.86 km, set up post 36, the citys recreational greenway transport network basically formed."Double hit" strive to achieve four vice mayor of Zhongshan City, Xu Xiaoli breakthrough that "double hit" to adhere to the peoples demand, according to Zhongshan City construction quality livable city location, and strive to make breakthroughs in four areas.The first breakthrough in public service facilities construction projects, high-quality, high standards and promote the city libraries, museums, art galleries and a number of major cultural facilities and public cultural facilities and tourism projects.The second is a breakthrough in the development of cultural tourism industry, and introduce industrial policy, support and guide the development of cultural tourism industry, efforts to introduce and cultivate a number of leading enterprises in the text brigade, landing a number of major cultural tourism project.The third is to create a breakthrough in terms of cultural tourism brand, take full advantage of Guangdong, Hong Kong Bay Area abundant human resources and cultural Sun Yat-sen, Zhongshan City, the ancient post road, ancient villages, non-heritage, folk and other cultural tourism resources, introduce a number of high-quality text brigade works programs and performances.Fourth, obtain travel digital construction of cultural breakthrough, conform to information technology, digital technology, the development trend of intelligent, promote the digital construction of city libraries, cultural centers, museums and other public cultural institutions and major tourist attractions, enhance Zhongshan City Cultural tourism information Level.

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