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  They go from the tip, called out the National Drug Enforcement victories fear is on infectious diseases Walking tip, the result is one of the countrys anti-drug slogan victories "eat a bowl of rice, you have to do it." Source: "2020 China Drug Situation Report" issued by the National UNODC, "Drug Situation Report 2020 China "that in the past year, some local drug problem serious situation was reversed.Behind this there are numerous anti-narcotics police officers bull by the horns and move forward on the tip, has the obligation to preach anti-drug volunteers, attentive assistance, but also technical help big data, accurate seizing, the community and make concerted efforts to combat drug-related crimes from the condensation of force.Winning anti-drug peoples war, a moment not to be slack.Excerpts eyeing those heroic struggle in the front line of the drug, talk about their stories.- Editor pressure bottom of the medals, he stuffed drawer Baoshan City, Yunnan Province Public Security Bureau Narcotics detachment Vice Captains Zhang afraid to tell over the office from his countless other half of Honor.Bottom pressure is the "merit" medal."This has been put, never dared to take home."Narcotics 30 years, as extremely rare alive merit anti-narcotics police, Zhang super every meritorious service, is a thrilling story behind.In early February 2003, Zhang Chao and drug detachment of heavily armed police to carry out arrests, opened grenades cover, ready to sound the occasion of the drug traffickers, not the slightest hesitation over Zhang, pounced on it and hugged drug traffickers.Courage not hereditary.When in 2089 just to participate in anti-drug work, Zhang super first infiltrate the drug cartels, have nervous palms sweat.One is the accumulation of the case, so that he is in confident mood."Cases do much more, get used to the face of death."Tip walk, the result is one of the countrys anti-drug slogan victories.Zhang can get super calm as if telling someone elses story.He said: "We eat this bowl of rice, you have to do it."Zhang super little afraid, be talking about his family, he used the dare.To keep his family worry, he never mentioned to the family work.Never take home a medal, because he knows that his family not to bring joy medal, but worried.Wenshan police officers in the burning of drugs.Bear subrogation photo "Suansha not wounded, but we do not forget the police!"Almost every first-line anti-narcotics police have undercover, hidden experience.2014, Puer City Public Security Bureau Narcotics detachment of a deputy brigade commander Wu Kai order Mopai case, disguised as businessmen, tourists, villagers walking in the mountains between.Fast forward a half months, and finally in a border hamlet found the suspect, when the case broke at home, Miss Kay has grown a beard.Once arrests, a drug dealer saw no way to escape, frantically shouting, "This is enough killing one!"Wu Kai initiative to attract drug dealers shouting vehicle crashed into his own, in the moment relatively dodge to avoid, turn around and hit the window with a stick, the other comrades flew into the car quickly subdued the drug dealers, the impact was Miss Kay vehicle Danfei out, who sustained multiple abrasions.March 2020, when Luoping County, Qujing Municipal Public Security Bureau Narcotics Brigade police Jiang Chunhua criminal suspects arrested, the suspect vehicle refused to accept the check, waiting for an opportunity to escape, Jiang Chunhua act decisively and mercilessly smashed the cab window glass with a rejection stick, leap, the whole body thrown into it from smashed windows before the vehicle stopped to stop crime.Wait until the completion of the arrest, Jiang Chunhua arms, clothes belly full of blood."Suansha not wounded, but we do not forget the police!"Yuxi City County Public Security Bureau deputy director Chen Wei said, in fact, the police are most afraid of is on infectious diseases.Once, after the suspect under control, he found his left hand full of the blood of the suspect that he also broke a finger.A check know that the suspect is indeed HIV.Fortunately, after continued drug treatment, Chen Wei is not infected.Refining eyes that data in mind Beijing Paradise River woman forced isolation treatment of the Second Battalion of the Party branch secretary, captain Li Yan strong psychological counseling to quit personnel in the classroom.Wangwei She 12 years involved in drug cases detected more than 260 cases, arrested more than 1,200 suspects and seized more than 5000 kilograms of drugs.This is the 80 anti-narcotics police anti-drug transcripts Wu Kai.Behind the results, Wu Kai "eyes": With seized a bunch of keys, Miss Kay became clear models, found a vehicle."The case study uncovered and found cases common characteristics and then summing up and sorting.When faced with new cases, new drug traffickers, with the brains big data over again, there are a few heart."People admire Wu Kai eyesight, thanks to Wu Kai has launched its Data Analysis.Big Data, the same vast amounts of information from the masses."Just now I have two foreign men to ask for directions, and consult where to sell motorcycles, one of them carrying a black shoulder bag, another man with a black suitcase."After this year, March 12, Mengpeng border inspection station chief Luan Weijian received a call from the villagers, micro-channel immediately set up in the station three grid platform released a suspicious person information.Relying on villagers reported, the two quickly arrested.Luan Weijian, said: "In the border-line drug, is a village outpost, every household is Shaolou, everyone is a sentinel, the masses and the policemen together to weave a network of narcotics."

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